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Month of April '68
*Operation Pegasus, continues.... the 1st Cavalry Division went in as relief of the Marines at Khe Sanh, at the beginning of the month. C Company is airlifted north from Quang Tri Province.  During the two weeks of Operation Pegasus C Company will, along with D Company, completed the assault and occupation of the French Fort south of the Khe Sanh Combat Base. After taking over the fort, we captured weapons, ammunition and explosives.  C Company clears and occupies ground between Khe  Sanh Combat Base and the Laotian Border.  Near the end of the month C and D Companies occupy a Night Defensive Position (NDP) together on Hill 663 (the Co Nual) and repulse an attack by a large  NVA force.
(some of this information comes from thetallcommanche site) Also give credit to Ken Burington.

April 1st
Co. C joins Company A for mind sweeps around the Utah beach area.

April 2nd
Mine sweeps continue for C 1/5

April 4th
We have a weather report, Clouds, overcast, fog and drizzles and occasional rain.
WIA Captain Lyttle, KIA LTC Runkle

April 5th
1045: 2 NVA waving white flag.
1058:Receiving rounds from SW had 4 WIA
1300: From Co C & D, Recorded 20 Rounds, 13 rockets, 7 artillery, believe 76mm fired 6 rounds from track vehicle. Lasted 1 hr.
1430: 3 confirmed VC killed in full dress.

April 6th, '68
The battalion was just South of Khe Sanh.  Between the Khe Sanh combat base and LZ Wharton was a place called old French Fort. It was believed that a NVA Battalion was there.  We were put there to draw out a moveable rocket launcher that was hide in the mountains.  We were stopped by heavy mortar and we had many casualties and our commander had been wounded. We were extracted and replaced by C 2/5 which came into the Fort from the west, the NVA fled and the fort was taken over.
0750: Co C 2 NVA in the tree line, artillery being fired. There are unknown number of NVA
1145: Incoming artillery rounds requested ARA and tube artillery.
1156: Have 100 VC or NVA in open ARA requested.
1220:Co C reports 6 KIA
1230:We are going to counter fire.
1400 C Co. 1 WIA, recorded 3 rockets from the south.
1420: From C & D Results of contact began at 1145 48 WIA, (21 serious) 1 KIA.

April 9th
LZ Wharton:
Co. C finds 21 bunkers,with light overhead 2 fuel cans, 1 carrying case for grenades, 2 grenades destroyed.

April 11th
LZ Wharton
Co C moving out to NW

April 14th (Easter Morning)
LZ Wharton
C Co. Being hit by unknown ground troops, firing defensive artillery. From B & C were engaged by Enemy from the west.
Phase I of Pegasus officially ended

April 15th
LZ Wharton
From C Co. 1107 hrs from Khe Sanh, 1st TD 1115 hrs at Hill 471.

April 16th
LZ Wharton
From Bn Commander : Major Bean accidentally walked into tail of rotor of chopper. Medevac to LZ Stud.

April 17th
LZ New Boots called LZ Snoopy,
Weather Report, Clouds, Overcast, scattered rain showers, with fog and haze
A, B, D and BN CP located at Snoopy, C located at LZ Butcher.

April 18th
Weather Report: Clouds, Overcast, Thunder and rain showers.
Co C found 45 rounds 60, 35 rockets, 75 B40's, 300 Chicom grenades.

April 19th
Co C detects artillery being fired into Khe Sanh combat base, possible from higher ground.
NVA boot tracks heading toward village approximately 24 hours old.
CP leaving for SW.

April 23rd
C CO. EOD destroyed all captured equipment, including 500 chicom grenades and 500 lb bomb.
LZ Snoopy now called LZ Peanuts.

April 24th
C Co. found 100 grenades, 14 82mm, 16 60mm, 8 B-40 rockets, 100 lbs of TNT, 3000 rounds small arms ammo. All was destroyed.

*Operation Pegasus, Thanks to Mr. Kelley of the 2/94th Long Rifles for his Research on Operation Pegasus.

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This page is dedicated to those men that served with Company  C, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry and especially those who lost there lives.

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