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During the months from January through August much of our time was spent in the Quang Tri Province.

(Information came from a solider in 1/50th attached to the cav. Division.)

Jan. 2nd (Information came from a solider in 1/50th attached to the cav. Division.)

The Battle started when my company Delta 1/50 came into contact with an estimated two companies of NVA. Another Mech company was called in and also Charlie 1/5 air assaulted into the area of contact on the west. Later on B 2/5 was also brought in. This was called the Battle of An Tinh (Jan 2-3) and 103 enemy were KIA , with 28 weapons captured. U.S. losses were six killed and 28 wounded. B 1/50 and C 1/5 stayed in the area till the 4th of January. Some units of the 1st Cav had left up north to I Corp (Quan Tri) but not all of them. We were still operating with some units of the 1st Cav during the 68 Tet Offensive Jan 31, 68 in Binh Din Province. This was one of the last (if not the last) battles of Operation Pershing which ended Jan. 20,1968.

Jan. 4th
On this day we were at Dam Tra-o Lake in II Corp. about 1 week before the Tet Offensive started. We had one small firefight. We had a few wounded.

Jan. 31st

Operation JEB STUART started in Quang Tri



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This page is dedicated to those men that served with Company  C, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry and especially those who lost there lives.

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