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Month of May '68

In May 1968, America lost over 2,370 of our loved ones, almost 77 a day. The week of May 3-10, 1968 we had 730 KIAs the most casualties in one week, in the history of the War.

During the first week of May 1968, C Company continues operations in the area  south of the Marines' base at Khe Sanh. The company is then airlifted to Dong Ha Marine Base near the coast as part of Operation Concordia Square helping the Marines combat the 320th  NVA Division during the Battle of Nhi Ha. C Company operates near Highway 1 just south of the DMZ and once again experiences serious Communist artillery fire. (received information from tallcommanche site ) Also give credit to Ken Burington

May 4th
LZ Peanuts
Co C receiving incoming round, also getting sniper fire. 3 more incoming rounds. NVA has machine guns.
Co B deployed from NW to assist C co.
1500 Request for Medivac, 1 SGT Fowler KIA.

 "Top" Robert Allen Fowler killed in action.

May 9th
We were in Gio Linh,(DONG HA) located just below the DMZ, in the Quan Tri Province. This was one of our biggest firefights we had several men wounded and killed.
All 4 companies receiving small fire from all sides.
Huey was shot down (2/5 Log Bird)
Co Co. had 11 KIA on this day, 30 WIA and 2 MIA
WIA-47 (2 were from helicopter)

All that I know on this day: Winford Crabb, Robert Alexander (RTO's) killed in action on this day. Captain Terry severely wounded.



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This page is dedicated to those men that served with Company  C, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry and especially those who lost there lives.

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