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Steve Hassett (3rd Platoon 66-67)The first one was taken the day I left the field in early August 67 about a week before my DEROS date. It's at LZ Uplift in Bon Song and the platoon was heading out on a road sweep on on Highway 1 M-48 tanks. It's the only time I ever recall the company working with armor. Steve Hassett (3rd Platoon 66-67)is from when we were guarding the Bon Song bridge in late March 67 just before we got sent up to I Corps to relieve the Marines around LZ Mountezuma. The guy in the photo is from 3rd platoon but I can't remember his name - anyone recognize him?
LZ ?
River Crossing (Bath and Leech Removal somewhere in Quang Tri Provence)
Captain Lyttle in the tree trying to find a way to get across the river. L to R Lt. Bane, C. Buchanan, Captain Lyttle
2nd Platoon 67-68
2nd platoon 67-68


Picture FOUND on another website Ron Weiss had sent it

1st Cav

All 1/5 Officers as of January 1967

Right to Left: Co. C CO Lowery, B Comp. CO. Schwartz, BN CO Mapp, D Co. CO Bukner, A Co. CO Stouffer, Unknown but was The CO of H&H Co.

On Far Left maybe Abramawitz the XO, next is the Chaplin Warren, Lt. Popham, Lt. Duke, Capt. Simms (A former C. Comp. Co.) Lt. Balling, Capt. Anderson a C comp. CO after Lowery) Capt. Taylor, BN Doc., Unknown, Lt. Orlevitch, and Lt. Wolfe is in the middle area of the last row. Maybe someone else can help fill in the blanks.

Top Fowler

"The way he is remembered."

Picture sent in by Charles Brown

Pictures 67-68

Pictures 67-68 Pg.2

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