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L to R Benson, Thomas, Fox, at LZ Jane in April 1968

LZ Jane April 1968
LZ Jane April 1968
L to R Nodamaker, unknown (maybe Henson), Jim Sebright at LZ Jane April 1968. *Nodamaker was wounded in the leg on May 9th, this picture was taken on May 4th
Quang Tri Provence April 1968 LZ Jane May 1968 Joe Mastrorilli and others Joe Mastrorilli at LZ Jane, May 1968 with Ho Chi Minh (dog) Dick Gust and Dave Thomas at Utah "Wunder" Beach
Doc Marv Anklam


Picture FOUND on another website Ron Weiss had sent it in.

Captain Terry and G. Meredith in the field.
Gene Meredith

at Utah "Wunder" Beach waiting to go to Khe Sanh
During Operation Pershing-found on another website

Another Picture taken at Utah Beach in '68-- Back Row -unknown middle-Roger Wanamaker, Richard Roach, George Longway, Johnny Frisk. Front-Paul Stackle, Isaac Blake.

Picture (waiting on names of men)

Joe Mastrorilli, May 1968 at Utah "Wunder" Beach heating up C rations.
Joe Mastrorilli and Don Berto (from Alaska) May, 1968 somewhere on Highway 1 just outside LZ Jane in Quang Tri Province.

Pictures 67-68

Pictures 67-68 Pg.2

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