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April 14th, '68
The battalion was just South of Khe Sanh.  Between the Khe Sanh combat base and LZ Wharton was a place called old French Fort. It was believed that a NVA Battalion was there.  We were put there to draw out a moveable rocket launcher that was hide in the mountains.  We were stopped by heavy mortar and we had many casualties and our commander had been wounded. We were extracted and replaced by C 2/5 which came into the Fort from the west, the NVA fled and the fort was taken over.
0750: Co C 2 NVA in the tree line, artillery being fired. There are unknown number of NVA
1145: Incoming artillery rounds requested ARA and tube artillery.
1156: Have 100 VC or NVA in open ARA requested.
1220:CO C reports 6 KIA
1230:We are going to counter fire.
1400 C Co. 1 WIA, recorded 3 rockets from the south.
1420: From C & D Results of contact began at 1145 48 WIA, (21 serious) 1 KIA.


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This page is dedicated to those men that served with Company  C, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry and especially those who lost there lives.

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