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Khe Sanh

Khe Sanh location of Marine Base. It was about fifteen miles south of the Demilitarized Zone and about seven miles from the eastern frontier of Laos. The base functioned primarily as a support facility for surveillance units watching the demilitarized zone and probing the outer reaches of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in nearby Laos. Khe Sanh was almost completely surrounded by towering ridges and stood in the center of four valley corridors leading through the mountains to the north and northwest of the base. To the south Khe Sanh overlooked Highway Nine, the only east-west road in the northern province to join Laos and the coastal regions. The base itself was laid out on a flat laterite plateau. It was shaped somewhat like an irregular rectangle and covered an area approximately one mile long and one-half mile wide. A key feature of the base was a 3,900 foot aluminum mat runway which during favorable weather conditions could accommodate fixed-wing aircraft up to C-130 transports.

This information came from a study done by Lieutenant General John J. Tolson

May '68
During the first week of May 1968, C Company continues search and clear operations in the area northwest of the Khe Sanh Combat base.
Before heading into Khe Sanh the C 1/5 were dropped at (Huane Hoe-not sure of spelling yet) to guard an artillery unit that was flown in after we secured the area. The artillery unit would fire all their ammunition and fly back out and we would leave after them.

We were in the Khe Sanh Valley from March to May of 1968.  Khe Sanh was a Marine Base that had been cut off and we went in to help open a supply route on Highway 9 so they could get supplies in. At this point we were attached to the 26th Marines.

One man recalls leaving for KheSanh

**During the Tet we were involved in Operation Pegasus Phase I and II. We were there to help Marines move NVA out of the Khe Sanh Valley. During Phase II between January 22 and February 18th, we were attached to the 50th Armored, Corp. 3. This is all we have at this point and time.

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This page is dedicated to those men that served with Company  C, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry and especially those who lost there lives.

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