Story came from SOLDIERS September 2001 Issue


Four hundred fifty men, airassualted into the valley clearing the size of a football field, discover they're suddenly surrounded by 2000 enemy soldiers. A few days later, 2.5 miles away, the troops of sister battalion are ambushed on the way to rescue their comrades. The cavalry rifle companies are cut into small groups, and hand-to-hand fighting ensues. During the night, the wounded soldiers inthe grass hear gunshots as enemy soldiers begin shooting anyone they find alive. The next morning, the rescue mission succeeds. The battle took place in South Vietnam's la Drang Valley, at places designated as landing zones X ray and Albany during four devastating and heroic days in November 1965, when 234 American soldiers died and more then 240 wounded. It involved soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Div. 1st and 2nd battalions, 7th Regiment and 1st battalion, 5th cav. Regt.

The action earned the division a Presidential Unit Citation and one of its members, 2 LT. Walter Marm, received the Medal of Honor for breaking an enemy assault on his platoon and rallying his unit to continue its mission.

That bit of history, said division commander MG David D. McKiernan, exemplifies the quality of the 1st Cav. trooper.


Another Snip from the article

"The equipment might change, technology continues to evolve and operational conditions are ever-changing---but its the cav trooper who makes the difference"