Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone I've met at the last two reunions know that I have made it to Iraq. Yes, back in uniform, desert camo, but with a "DA Civilian" patch over my left pocket instead of US Army. Will be here for 6 months, until Apr 04, and hope to have news and stories from the front to share at the Ft. Benning reunion in June. Been deployed
for 2 weeks now and have put in about 100 hours overtime (nice benefit of being a civilian). Working on V Corps staff in Baghdad, but manage to get out of the office and play road warrior to Balad and other locations regularly. Safe compound where I'm at but hear the distinctive crack of AK-47s once or twice a day and some mortars from about 1/2 to 3/4 miles
away. Road time is sometimes tense. The reality here is far different than what you are seeing on the news, just as it was in Vietnam. If anyone cares to write please feel free. I will answer as time allows when not supporting our troops in the only way I know how.

Jim Stein

Stein, James W GS-11 CJTF7-Civ Personnel Advisor"


Some of you have probably seen the "Angry Skipper Site" He sent this note to me and I thought I would share it with the rest of you guys. :)

Please accept our "Angry Skipper" Web Site Award. Your web site displays exactly what Veterans want and need. A place to find Old Friends and make new ones. An Honest web site that is created in a very user friendly format, nice pictures and terrific links. Keep up the fine work sister, what you are doing is magnificent. Mike

Reunion 2004 to be held at Fort Benning GA hosted by Dan and Judy Terry information to be announced at a later date.

**I will get pictures etc. of 2003 reunion up as soon as possible. **

NOTICE: Those of you looking for Louis Kroh and John Henson and haven't been contacted, let me know.


"SHADOW BENEATH THE BLADE" they are also scheduling "Landing Zones" across the U.S make sure you take a look at the link named "The Plan" the kick off is planned for Oct. 2 at Fort Rucker, Alabama








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