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Late May, early 67 when guarding Bon Song Bridge just before we went north to relive the marines near Duc Pho, Steve Hasset standing looking at camera and Steve thinks the man to our left facing camera is wild Bill. Some also thinks that is Smitty Wild Bills assisit. gunner but Steve thinks that is smitty at the end of the bench talking with the coke girl. The first, from LZ Bird, is rated R for no -gratuitous violence. Its also proof that part of the 155 battery there survived the attack and was able to crank out fire missions the next day Picture taken on 12/27/66 3rd platoon "hooch" in basecamp at An Khe again '67. Bill Fenton is in the shady area and possible someone else.
Sonny Cowan This should be Feb 1967. Sonny was Mortar FO for the 1st or 2nd Platoon.
Members of the company and some prisoners that likely was taken in the Bong Son area in '67.
Dale Isbell in the foreground but the fellow on left was severly wounded when F4 jets straffed us, his name was Smith. Bong Son area '67
Fred Seput 1967 location unknown at this time.
Fred Seput 1967 location unknown at this time
Captain Lowry and other men from Left to right.... Wolfe,levitch,CaptainLowry, Lt. Snethcamp and the last is unknown at this point
Picture 1966/67 from Dave Combs of odds pictures
George Chiaramello sent these two in. George 2 1966/67
. Chiaramello sent these
Picture 1966/67 from Dave Combs of William Wilborn
Picture 1966/67 from Dave Combs of Dan Favereau , Steve Hassett, William Wilborn, Martin
Picture 1966/67 from Dave Combs of him, John Thomas, Surgos and Martin
Picture 1966/67 from Dave Combs of Favereau, Martin, Combs
Picture 1966/67 of Dave Combs 1966/67 from Dave Combs August 66 group-Brown, McFall, Aikens, Pops, Malone
unknown? on back of picture it says Barry

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