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L to R Don Sharp( GA), Minor Chaney (AR), Barry League (GA), M.C. Kirby (GA), Mickal Feye (?)getting ready to to to Cam Rahn Bay to see President Johnson.

Doc Rogers

Top-Chief (unknown name), below is Foret (Mortar gunners-a very good team)

Milton (M.C.) Kirby

LT after LT. Bane, Platoon Leader, 2nd Platoon (unknown name) Headed north from the Bong Son/An Khe area

Foreground: Barry League (GA) waling up from behind is Minor Chaney (AR), background facing camera: Charbonnet.

Flight toward Utah Beach

In line for chow, Securing Utah Beach area so Amphilious craft could bring in supplies from ships.

Some Prisoners captured while working Utah Beach.

L to R Lt. Voelker 3rd Platoon Leader, unknown, Top Fowler (his head)m Captain Terry, unknown, 1st platoon leader (Maybe) Looking at map with Joe Vivirito


Top Fowler and Captain Terry

Joe Vivirito

Built this bunker during stay at Utah Beach. Minor built some chairs from empty ammo crates, the crates were stamped Diamond Sash & Door Co. Murfreesboro, AR (Minors hometown). It made him feel at home.

Pretty sure CP Bunker while at Utah beach

L to R Scott Adams (colorado) and M.C. Kirby Scott was with Barry League on May 4th when League was KIA

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