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Sgt. David Hart- in the RF compund during the pacification mission, March 1970. At the time I David was platoon sergeant to 2LT Bill Wallace, who was later killed in Cambodia.
1Lt. "Cliff" Bridgman was C Company FO in 1969 and early 70, great guy liked by everyone, KIA in Feb. 1970, 1st LT. Dan Barlow, 3rd platoon leader in 1969-70 and then Company XO., CPT. William O. Vowell, Company Commander beginning in about July '69 and conintuing until January 1970, when 1LT Kevin Corcoran took over A Great CO, well-liked by everyone. Now retired COL.
next tjo the Song Be River, in III Corps, North of Saigon, February 1970
Left: LT Brockington, either the 2nd or 3rd platoon leader in late 1969. Not with the company very long.

Right: LT Dan Cosper, 1st platoon leader NOV 69 to about May 70.

LT. Dan Cosper, first platoon leader November 1969 utnil about May 1970. CPT. Kevin Corcoran (standing) company Commander beginning in January 1970 to June 1970, including part of Cambodia. His photo is in at leaset 2 books about the Cambodian incursion. We have been unsuccessful in locating him.

Larry Touchtone and Robert Murphy

picture summitted by Larry Touchtone.

Pete Mahler "RABBIT" 69-70


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