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Dean Sharp was a photographer for the 1st Cav in 1969-70. Dean started as a infantryman and then they decided to let him photograph. There was a photograph that was used for time magazine, there was a man holding up a picture looking from underneath his hat, Dean was on the other side taking the same exact picture and the man looking from underneath his hat, was looking at Dean.

I'd like to thank Dean for sharing these pictures with us, I know you will enjoy looking at them.

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They did this to tease the enemy and it was very noisy
After an ambush
Bamboo Path
Boy eating crackers
chinook setting truck down
Conference time
City Search
In the classroom
Crane setting down ground vehicle

Hung up in the water-Disguisted Sgt.

Doc (with glasses) and Grunt Ed being pulled from a well (just back to the field, just off the chopper and was running for the trees)
Exploring hootch
Grunt alert

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