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George Carruthers

(snaggle tooth)

Wayne Ayudan -Pinapple

This information came from Robert Murphy:

Left: Allen Collins & "Bro": may be James McNeal or Roger Waters from Mississippi

Picture and below text Submitted by: Ray Bell

nickname BRO, mortormen in 1970 was in the field with 2nd platoon as a riflemen. He is from Texas or from Mississippi if its Roger.

James Henry McNeal

David "lurch" Andrews and "Rabbit" in Marion, IA to pay respects to Robert Schares. who has hit on11-9-69 and died days later on 11-18-69 (2006)
Lt. COl. James R. Cain Jr. (Ret'd) former compnay Commander Co 1/5, 1968-1969 and Peter Mahler "Rabbit" (2006)
Peter and Fence Post 6 remembering all of our Bretheran in Dallas, Texas on Veterans Day, 2006.
Peter and Fence Post6 in Dallas Texas on Veterans Day, 2006

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