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L to R: unknown, John Henson, Dick Gust, unknown church in Quang Tri or Hue Church in Quang Tri or Hue Convoy around or in Quang Tri
L to R James Blankenship and Dave Thomas John Henson in Quang Tri Louis Kroh at Utah "Wunder Beach"  maybe Johnson?, wounded May 9th, he is on USS Repose.
Name unknown, Medic after "Doc" in front unknown, L to R: McClintock, Meredith,Crabb Lt. Volker, Lt. Romiti and Lt. Brown Communications chief, 
Cliff Buchanan

Bacon, unknown and Crabb

Crabb KIA on May 9th

L to R:Captain Terry and Sergeant Rod Meredith, Hoffman, Captain Terry talking with Sprieker at LZ Pony, Bong Son , III Corp  L to R:  Buchanan and Meredith (RTO's) "The Virginians"
L to R Meredith and Dennis McClintock Meredith and Dudley on R&R
Norwood (?)
Unknown, in Bong Son Norwood, Sergeant Rod, Buchanan, Lt. Brown Taking off  Lt. Bane and Sergeant Rod
One Gentlemen wrote in about the top row 1st picture on the left: Enjoyed looking at the pics on your web page. Noticed the first one top left Table 2 ...with the bldg and First Cav Patch on it. If I am not mistaking this was on Wunder Beach (Utah) This is one of my memories as I walked out of the LST Navy Ship and down the road to my assigned company area. Right across the road from this bldg. The 403rd Transportation Co. Combat units would come into the beach for 3 day stand downs and we would supply perimeter guards at night. In the morning we would wake up the Infantry guys and we would return to our company areas.      

Pictures 67-68

Pictures 67-68 Pg.2

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