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Remembering May 9th, 1968

This is what i remember of May 9 1968, During the night our ambush team spotted what they thought was a platoon size group of NVA digging in along a tree line. It was open terrain all around us. At first light in the morning we set out on a sweep towards the tree line. It was cloudy with heavy fog and very damp. Being it was thought to be just a platoon size of NVA we thought we would be back to our camp by noon .As we approached the tree line all hell broke loose with small weapons fire and mortar rounds landing 50 meters behind us but slowly getting closer with each round. I was the asst. machine gunner and i could see the smoke from the NVA mortar tube so i alerted the machine gunner of its position and he started firing on it. Just as we saw a large plum of fire and smoke at the mortar tube the machine gunner was hit in the shoulder and as i turned my head to look at him i was hit in the head just under my left ear with the exit wound on the back of my neck. I put my hand on the exit wound and could place all four of my fingers into it and i then asked god to please let me die. As i was lying there on my back i felt someone grab me by the foot and crawl up beside me, he then pulled me unto his back and low crawled me back out of fire.I dont know who this man was but he more than likely saved my life. After i was out of fire i remember seeing a chopper go down in a ball of fire. It wasnt long after that when i was put on a chopper and taken to the USS Repose where i again met up with the machine gunner and also met up with another member of my squad that was wounded a week or so before i, he was wounded in the face and lost most of his front teeth but he now had new teeth and was there with me when i woke up from surgery. I realized then that i had been shot six times,(head, back, hip, leg, and butt) and thank god he didnt take me seriously about wanting to die.
I was with the c\1\5 from Feb. 23, 68 until May 9 1968 It was hell but would do it again for my country in a heart beat.

If you would happen to know who saved this assistant Machine Gunners life, could you please contact the webmaster, Thank you.

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This page is dedicated to those men that served with Company  C, 1st Battlion, 5th Cavalry and especially those who lost there lives.

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