Reunion 2004


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From Ray Bell:

Charlie Company 1/5 held it's 2004 reunion at Ft. Benning Ga.The reunion was hosted by Col Dan Terry US ARMY Ret.An out standing time was had by all the troopers and thier familys,thanks to the had work of Col. Terry.The trooper s were from the years 1965 ot 1971.As an added bonus the Ft. Benning Bayonet wrote an artical about the company.This was the first time that the Bayonet has done an artical, once again a first for the First Cav. (note from LaRhonda...I have this article and will get it on the website soon)

Photos were taken by Gloria Escalante and information given by Ray Bell.

Left to Right : Benny (Gator) Gevvell, Ray Bell, Steve (Drap) Drapala, Fernando Escalante, Steve (Sherman) Branham, LT. Dan Barlow, Kirk (Captain Kirk) Randelman, Willie Harries, James Webb, Dean Sharp, Larry Touchtone, Lt. Dan Cosper.

All the Attendies

Left to Right Fernando Escalante, Larry Touchtone, Larry (Babyface) Walsh, Steve Drapala, Jim Webb, Kirk Randelman and Ray Bell