Reunion 2006

1st Cav Association 59th Reunion in Kentucky

These fellows went to the 1st Cavlary Reunion, July 9-13th in Kentucky, they had not been together in 37 years!

L-R STANDING Peppy, Murph, ShortRound, Redeye,"2/5", Bobcat, Mule, Woody, Pineapple/Surf, Seated RABBIT
L-R REAR- Bob Kulin, TOP English, "RABBIT"
FRONT- Kathy Kulin, Wayne Ayudan, Virginia English, Nick Kurns

Rabbit receiving a plaque, for reuniting the guys, from Top English
The PUB in Louisville, Great Watering Hole
Being Appreciated by the Locals
Rabbit & Mule still at it even after 37 years
Rabbit receiving his 1st Stetson Hat from Top English and his wife Virginia English.
Rabbit, Virginia, Top English
Leonard "Bobo" Lindemer, Allen "CC" Collins& RABBIT in Hudson WI. 2006 They couldn't make it to the reunion, so Rabbit went to them.
George "Snaggletooth" Carruthers & Rabbit in Moline, IL. 2005...Couldn't make it to the union so Rabbit went to him.
Nick "Redeye" Kurns our Pro Golfer

Wayne "Pineapple/Surf" another Pro Golfer

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