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Charlie CO. Combat Assualt into LZ Dolly March 1969

Charlie co. after combat LZ Dolly March 1969

Near Cambodian border outside of Katum.

L to R: Unknown, Rob Stanley, Unknown December 1968

Unknown, December 1968
Katum from Huey coming in December, 1968
Katum (Forward base) Special Forces Camp near Cambodia
LZ Hardcore near Utah Beach May 1968
LZ Barbara JUne 1968
Mark Wallach & Rob Stanley LZ Barbara June 1968

NBC Camers Crew at Katum December 1968

L to R: Rob, Mark and unknown LZ Barbara June 1968 (Leaking guard Bunker)
Sniper ROUnds on highway one between LZ Jane and Camp Evans June 1968


Rob out with CIDG 1/5 Liaison to Special Forces February
Utah Beach Quan Tri March 1968

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