Success Stories

This website has been up since October of 2001, so I'll keep adding them when we get them in.

Scott Lawless and the Jake VanMeter family have been searching for information on Jakes death that took place on October 7 of 1967. He had been finding pieces of the puzzle for the last 2 years. Until recently, Captain Terry recognized the name and told me to tell scott that Lt. Bane would know because Jake and he were good friends and also Jake was in Lt. Bane's Platoon. Scott and Jake's brother made a visit to Lt. Bane's home in West Virginia. All of the families questions were answered about Jakes death.

I'd like to thank Captain Terry for helping this come to a closure and Lt. Bane

for sharing his memories with the family and Scott.

Hopefully in the next several months we will see what Scott has put together. :)

Escamillo Reed wrote by "brother" Neal Wolf